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Servo System New Technology Application Five Trends

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Servo System New Technology Application Five Trends

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Hebei Wei Dorset Technology Co., Ltd. production of the servo system there are three basic forms of composition, analog, hybrid, digital. Analog is analog input, hybrid also take mini-input. The servo system of these three kinds of ways has position feedback and speed feedback. Nowadays, the DC servo system is replaced by the AC digital servo system. The position, speed and current loop of the servo motor are digitized. The new control theory is adopted to realize the high-speed response system which is not influenced by the mechanical load variation.

Servo system development of the new technology has the following five trends

1, the mechanical static friction of non-linear control technology. For some large static friction CNC machine tools, the new digital servo system with compensation for machine tool drive system static friction of the nonlinear control function.

2, the servo system position loop and speed loop (including the current loop) are used software control, such as digital mediation and vector control. In order to adapt to different types of machine tools, different precision and speed to be surgery, pre-adjust the acceleration and deceleration performance.

3, feedforward control technology. In the conventional servo system, the difference between the detector signal and the position command is multiplied by the position loop gain as the speed command. This kind of control mode always has the tracking lag error, which makes the machining accuracy worse when machining the corner and arc. The so-called feedforward control, that is, in the original control system with the speed command control mode, so that the servo system tracking lag greatly reduced.

4. Compensation technology has been developed and applied. Modern CNC system has a compensation function, the servo system can be a variety of compensation, such as lead screw pitch error compensation, tooth side clearance compensation, axial motion error compensation, spatial error compensation and thermal deformation compensation.

5, the use of high-resolution position detection device. Such as high-resolution pulse encoder, a microprocessor composed of subdivision circuit, making the resolution greatly improved, incremental position detection for the 10000 p / r (pulses per revolution); Absolute position detection of 1000000 p / R.

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