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2016 China green company annual meeting will focus on intelligent manufacturing

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2016 China green company annual meeting will focus on intelligent manufacturing

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On the afternoon of 22nd, 2016 Chinese green company annual meeting in Jinan kicked off

In the next 20 years, smart manufacturing will bring 3 trillion US dollars of GDP increment, who in the field of smart manufacturing bet, who will win the "2025 in China," the largest business opportunities. . On the afternoon of 22nd, 2016 Chinese green company annual meeting in Jinan kicked off. On the first day of the annual meeting, Zhu Hai, Executive Vice President and President of Schneider Electric China, and Jiang Xipei, Chairman and CEO of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd., focused on smart manufacturing, focusing on the future of "Internet + Industry". intense discussions.


Jiang Xipei, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd

Jiang Xipei: "Internet + industry" is the basis of sustainable economic and social development

Jiang Xipei, chairman and chief executive officer of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd, believes that China has reached a very important moment. The rapid growth of the previous few years has made China from a shortage economy to a serious excess capacity and a bad demand. To solve this problem, Respect for economic and social laws, but also from the perspective of innovation to develop.

"Now industrial enterprises in order to have a better future, we must study your technology is synchronized with the global, is leading. In addition, your benchmark is what? Which is you? Back to catch up, plus can Attracting global social talent to serve you, make good use of them, keep them.You do out of the product must be responsible for the customer, so that customers feel your product is really better than others, or even unique. "Jiang Xipei said.

Jiang Xipei said, "Internet + industry" is a sustainable economic and social development as a whole, especially intelligent, the Far East has done a lot of work in this area, although the establishment of enterprises for nearly 30 years, but the reform has been accompanied by the Far East, The Far East has been in the technology and business model leader; in the "Internet +", in the global electrical platform, five years of hard work makes the Far East in the industry leader in the global material trading platform, the Far East is doubled. "Hope that as we do traditional wire and cable companies, now in the wisdom of energy city system, this time to have more play, to lead the industry to promote the healthy development of the industry."


Fan Fang, president of the same side

Fan shares with the new: smart manufacturing is the enterprise must be on the steps

Fan Fang, president of the same side on the "Internet + industry," the future talked about three topics, the first topic, he believes that "Internet + industry" is a very big proposition, some people say that the Internet to change the world, Change the nature, in life and work, the Internet has been everywhere. Industry will never be ancient, never traditional, must exist in human society, but to keep it advancing with the times, one of which is to combine with the Internet, "Internet + industry" is a Chinese enterprise, including foreign enterprises must The way to go, with the development of this is the case.

"In the past we use a huge smart system to detect a city, we called the city signs detection, without the Internet, there is no big data, we have no way to aggregate these things, processed out of useful results." Fan said, similar to this Many things, such as the South-North Water Diversion, the huge city people test data, the data are massive, no Internet how to do?

The second topic is the intelligent manufacturing, Fan said that China's manufacturing industry is more in the human resources to play a low-cost advantage, especially those low value-added processing, China's manufacturing industry more traditional, There are many companies are backward. "If we do not change, if we do not ascend, we may once again fall behind the world, so smart manufacturing is what we have to do," he says. Go up the steps. "

Fan new about the third topic is: When the Internet + and the "smart manufacturing" put before, many business executives or companies feel a lot of distress and confusion, "Internet +" seems to be good, "Intelligent Manufacturing "there is a big gap, this is not just a business problem, or even a whole society. How to deploy the enterprise itself How the ecological environment of the whole society co-ordination and progress? An intelligent manufacturing from design to product development and design, and then to the intelligent manufacturing equipment, to the production line, as well as procurement and logistics, as well as production management Process ... ... such as a whole industry chain, the whole society's problems from the breadth, depth and other dimensions put together is a big problem.

"I think in this matter, including the same side Ye Hao, many Chinese enterprises, to planning, design and implementation of top-level design, or in the rapid transformation of the investment imbalance, and even some of the transitional investment, will enable enterprises to increase Many of the costs, not necessarily to achieve the real smart manufacturing low-cost, high efficiency, high-quality effect, I hope the whole society to 'Internet + industry' and intelligent manufacturing these two topics.


Beijing Tiancheng Shengye Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Jun, founder and CEO

Tiancheng manufacturing Zhou Jun: Chi-made to do for the individual needs of consumers tailored

Beijing Tiancheng Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Jun, founder and CEO, Beijing Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. in the past 16 years, which has done one thing: artificial intelligence, including fingerprint recognition and face recognition, the enterprise is currently in the country The industry's only access to the national scientific and technological progress second prize, the enterprise to 15 international standards into the country, and the formation of five industry standards, 60% of the financial market to solve this virtual world "who you are" , And solve the data security problem from A to B.

Zhou Jun said that on the Internet industry, he did not understand the industry, but he is very understanding of artificial intelligence, in his view, "Internet + industry" does not mean that intelligent manufacturing, "smart" is not "Internet + industry" Because the Internet to "interconnection network + industry", the Internet is only up, there is exchange, there is the perception.

As a consumer, Zhou Jun hope that he was in the laundry, the washing machine can have a robot, it can record his personal needs, and then enterprises can be personalized according to the needs of customers tailored products. At the same time, the enterprise's delivery period must be fast, but also a recycling information terminal.

According to the understanding of Zhou Jun, smart to achieve the goal of a personalized, one is to deliver fast, the other is to pass each other. "In specific applications, I was thinking, I was driving, walking in the crowded streets, when I and others have an appointment, at that time you are anxious crazy, I want someone to tell me that you go this Road, the formation of traffic accessibility, this is also a learning concept, the concept of intelligence, is the application of large data and intelligent learning.

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